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Owners Bud and NilceThe Reglazing Company was established by Bud and Nilce Pankratz in 1982 with a franchise operation. For a long period of time we were supplied with contaminated materials which left little "fish eyes" in our work. This along with paying high franchise prices forced us to find other suppliers. After using products by many of "The Worlds Largest Refinishing Suppliers" (some furnish products to the "Major Franchises"), we have taken the best of what they have to offer and combined them with our high-solids resins. Now a proven product for more than ten years, our TRC 2000 finish offers the best of both worlds. It has the toughness and durability of an epoxy with the high gloss and luster of an acrylic urethane. Most urethanes, the product of choice for most refinishers, absorb water when submerged eg: around drains and under bottles; and after a period of time break down. We don't have that problem with TRC 2000.

We can make our coating smooth and shiny - tubs, sinks, appliances; or low gloss with a texture - countertops. We can also make it a multi color "Granite-Look."

Our expertise in surface preparation and coatings application, along with our durable and versatile product line make our finished work the best in the business. Nobody has a better product or service than we do.

We have reglazed thousands of tubs and counters serving the Texas Panhandle and South Plains in this our eighteenth year of operation.

Our clients include many home builders, plumbing supply companies and fiberglass fixture manufacturers - repairing new damaged tubs; apartment complexes - reglazing tubs, counters and appliances; schools - sinks and water fountains; hotels - motels - tubs, vanities, showers; retail stores - sales counters; hospitals - millworks, exam tables; oh and of course, home owners - all their reglazing needs.

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