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Our Store FrontNobody in the refinishing business has a better product or service than The Reglazing Company. Our expertise in surface preparation and coatings application, along with our durable and versatile product line make our finished work the best in the business

Our TRC 2000 finishes offer the toughness and durability of an epoxy with the high gloss and luster of an acrylic urethane. Whether smooth and shiny or low gloss with a texture, TRC 2000 is the most versatile and advanced finish in the industry.

We reglaze tubs, counters, tile, sinks, vanities, appliances, floors, cabinets, showers, sales counters, millwork work stations, exam tables, water fountains - etc.

We sell and reglaze antique tubs and sinks, and we offer a full line of beautiful faucets, shower assembly's and all the trimmings to outfit them. We can have tub legs brass or chrome plated, or we can supply them with new ornate legs.

We work in people's homes and job sites or we can take work into our shop. In the home and job site we are very careful to leave the work area as clean or cleaner than when we started. Overkill on covering and preparation is our motto. Our High Volume Low Pressure spray system is very low on overspray, but any overspray is too much. We cover everything up. We also use a fume extractor system when needed.

In retirement and handicapped homes we can cut entryways into fiberglass, cast iron and steel tubs converting them into easy access showers (limited service area). We can build non-skid surfaces into our reglazing for tub and shower bottoms eliminating the need for bath mats and adhesive strips.

Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, vent hoods, dishwasher panels, washers and dryers - all can be made to look like new with our reglazing process. TRC 2000 is heat resistant to about 450 degrees. For special needs, we are an area agent for a company that applies porcelain (glass) to certain objects - gas heater covers, gas cook tops, etc.

Granite Granite

We have standard white, almond and black to name a few, but your imagination is the amount of colors you can choose from. Our multi color "Granite-Look" for kitchen counters consists of the customer choosing a base color and up to three different color speckles. "Makes it look like granite for about one tenth of the cost."

Almond Ash Garden Green Black
Silver Bright Red Sky Country Plum
Tempting Teal Sand Cream Steel Tub White
Porcelain Pewter Burgundy Maroon Chocolate
Clay Blush Cobalt Iced Jade Harvest
Spanish Rose Soft Beige Forest White

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We now also offer exciting opportunities for people interested in getting started in the refinishing - reglazing business. Our intense seven day training package includes "All my Secrets" the most comprehensive training manual ever… also included: working actual jobs with our skilled technicians - learning every aspect of the business, complete HVLP spray system and other equipment, motel accommodation's, TRC products and much -much more. Earn $50 - $200 per hour. Be your own boss.

Let Bud share his 18 years experience in the refinishing business with you in one of the most comprehensive refinisher training manuals around.

You will learn how to reglaze: tubs, counters, tile, sinks, vanities, appliances, floors, cabinets, showers, hot tubs etc.

TOPICS INCLUDE:Joe & Linnae - TRC Amarillo

  • Acid Etching vs. Bonding Agents

  • Coatings removal

  • Masking

  • Filling & sanding

  • Safety

  • Spraying technique & equipment maintenance

  • TRC 2000 topcoat & primer

  • Non-Skid surfaces for tubs, showers, floors & steps

  • Multi-color "Granite - Look" for counters

  • Chip repairs - fiberglass repairs with manufacturer contacts (Warranty work)

  • Entryway cut outs in fiberglass, steel & cast iron tubs ($$$ - retirement homes)

  • Return trips

  • Repairing holes in steel tubs

  • WHOLESALE antique tub, sink - etc.. hardware $$$ HIGH PROFIT

  • Pricing

  • Sales/marketing/employees


  • Airfare for 1 to Lubbock, TX.

  • 8 Nights Lodging for 2 in Lubbock, TX.

  • All My Secrets -- The most comprehensive training manual ever.

  • 7 Intense training days working actual jobs with skilled technicians, attending bids & learning every aspect of the fixture refinishing business.

  • All equipment and materials necessary to operate a TRC refinishing business

    • Spraytech 3 stage HVLP spray system

    • Neoteric fume exhaust system

    • Paasche airbrush & compressor

    • Porter Cable orbital sander with 200 adhesive disks

    • FREE CLAWFOOT TUB (While supplies last)

    • 20 gallons topcoat, primer, etch, bonding agent, non-skid granules, masking machine, respirator, 3 spray suits, spray hood, etc...

    The more successful you are
    The Better Our Network Becomes...

    --The Reglazing Company's sensational multi-color 
    "Granite Look" is shaking up the refinishing industry.--


        1 Dealer per 500,000 population

  • 24 Hour Technical Support

  • Listing on www.reglazingco.com web site contact page.

  • 5% of Dealership price and 5% residual earnings of total product sales for any dealership sold.

    • Profit Sharing

  • License to use THE REGLAZING COMPANY name for your business

  • LOW-LOW material prices

    • Prices so low, we make it hard for others to compete with us

  • Best Products - We do jobs others won't touch

  • Printing -- Cards, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, brochures & color charts

  • WHOLESALE Antique tub, sink, etc...hardware






    All this for only $17,500


  • Twice the equipment list

  • Twice the product

    Only $29,500


Materials   Quart Gallon 10 Gallons
TRC 2000 Resin    1 to 1 mixing ratio $18.00 $50.00 $45/gal
TRC 2000 High Gloss Hardener $18.00 $50.00 $45/gal
TRC 2000 Low Gloss Hardener $18.00 $50.00 $45/gal
TRC 2000 Quick Dry Epoxy Primer Resin $20/qt $60.00 $55/gal
TRC 2000 Quick Dry Epoxy Primer Hardener $20/qt $60.00 $55/gal
TRC 2000 Bonding Agent 4oz $35
TRC 2000 Tub & Tile Etch $4.00/pt $60/ case 16 pt's
TRC 2000 Reducer $15/gal $125/10 gal
TRC 2000 "Non-Skid" Particles $15/qt

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